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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Disney Princesses and the Blessed Mother

Disney definitely caters to the little ladies. I have not noticed many "Disney Princes" stuff in the stores. I was thinking about how my daughters and tons of other little girls just love those Disney Princess whatevers and whatnots. It got me to thinking about all sorts of stuff, from feminism to the Blessed Mother. What is appealing about those Disney Princesses (which, quite honestly, can drive me bonkers!) and how can I, as a Catholic mother, use this appeal to strengthen my daughters' faith? Also, for society at large, where we are all so politically correct (gag!), how can the Disney Princesses be so popular? Isn't a princess so oppressed and controlled, etc?
Now granted, I have seen where Disney has altered the drawings of the Princesses where they were showing a little more skin than the original drawings (exceptions being Ariel and Jasmine--you can't get much more skin without being naked). That aside, in general, they're actually dressed modestly (!!!), a breath of fresh air in a culture that wants to dress our two year olds like Survivor cast members. So, right there, I know my daughters (they're 4 and 2) appreciate wearing long dresses (past their knees) because of the princesses.
What else about those Disney princesses? Well, they actually get married to one man and stay married to him, happily ever after. In this day and age, that is unheard of! Happiness can come from being married for life to a member of the opposite sex. Cool stuff!
Ok, let's think some more. These princesses are smart, hardworking women. From Snow White to Jasmine, these young ladies take pride in their work and in their education (especially Belle, my favorite). Ariel is not well-educated, but she still tries hard to learn what she can.
Obedience is usually a theme of all of the princess movies. If the princess does break a rule, she usually suffers much for it. However, the princess movies also teach compassion and mercy and contrition. The parent or hero saves the day if the princess makes a mistake (I'm thinking of Ariel here), or the princess can come and rescue, like in the case of Belle.
One thing about the princess stories that I am not fond of is there is rarely a good showing of mothers. There are plenty of evil stepmother types and good fairy godmothers, but rarely is there a good strong mother figure. Makes me wonder about Walt's take on mothers, but that would be for another post.


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