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Roman Catholic homeschooling wife and mother working out her salvation with fear and trembling

Saturday, January 19, 2008

'Arry Potter doesn't listen to authority

Ok, Harry has a problem with authority. When you find out half of your teachers are working for the most evil wizard in the world, your parents are dead, and you are living with abusive relatives, you can find yourself having some trouble with authority. Oh, Harry, teaching our kids to be brats, sneaky, etc. But who, pray tell, is really teaching that? Us?
Harry knows he has trouble from lack of parents. He greatly misses them and the guidance he KNOWS they would have provided. How many kids are missing their parents today, either from death, war, divorce, working long days and nights, etc.? How many kids are forced to act like little adults before they should be? And, on the other hand, how many adolescents are coddled instead of being properly prepared to be adults?
How many kids are missing because of the selfishness of their parents? Uhoh. Yep, contraceptives. Let's see, the biggest brat in the whole book has parents who are completely evil, coddle him, and obsess over him b/c they implicitly used contraceptives to keep him as their only child. Draco Malfoy.
Ok, ahem, speaking of neglecting children, the 7 month old is implorin gme with her big brown eyes to hurry up and change her diaper!
Nuff for now.


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