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Roman Catholic homeschooling wife and mother working out her salvation with fear and trembling

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Obama and Hillary

They frighten me. They were campaigning today here in Columbia. If they came anywhere close to my kids, I would have grabbed my kids and ran. Ok, call me "weird," but I do not trust anyone who is rabidly pro-abortion within five yards of my kids. Anyone who spends their time and money arguing against a bill to save a kid's life who is born-alive, who in other words wants to give the "ok" to snuff the kid out in the soiled linens' closet of the clinic/hospital has to be possessed.
It really is enough to make me cry. I don't understand how any of us can stomach it.
Oh, women's rights. Yeah, right. You have the right to have an unsupervised so-called doctor chop and burn your kid to bits inside you so you can go work a miserable job. Then after that happens, they will give you chemicals to ingest to keep your womanly parts from functioning properly so some man can take advantage of you, and so you can develop blood clots and mood disorders, and have more chemical abortions. Yippee. Women have come so far, haven't we? I feel so liberated by these ideas. NOT.

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