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Roman Catholic homeschooling wife and mother working out her salvation with fear and trembling

Thursday, January 31, 2008


We are on the program known as "WIC" (notice the government does not care about the nutritional health of men--wonder why families break up?). This program, near as I can tell, is soley for the health of the dairy and grain industries. Why can't the government trust people to use their money on nutritional foods for their families? Talk about freedom of choice--HA! We all know that is a lie! Women can "choose" to abort their babies or poison their bodies and the environment with birth control pills, but we are not allowed to choose whether we drink soy, rice, or almond milk. The government pays for family planning "of your choice" but you can't choose what foods to buy them once they manage to make their way into the world. They encourage women to breastfeed by letting them have tuna fish and carrots. Yippee! Tuna fish and carrots, all right!
My daughter has allergies, and I asked each time I went to the "health" (read: how to keep the poor vermin from screwing up the rich people's lives) department for WIC, I was told there were no alternatives. Hmph, I said. So much for a nutritional program. Who is more at risk nutritionally? A child who can eat "whatever" or a child who has allergies? Duh! So, I called the state office of WIC, and I immediately got to talk to someone (try calling your local WIC office--you stay with the phone ringing for about, oh, 3 hours before you give up). She told me there was an alternative--SOY. Ah ha! Gotta talk to the people at the top, apparently. Problem is, my daughter doesn't handle soy well either. Rice milk, people!
Can we please end government subsidized programs, please? I have learned, with the clear distinct exception of the Chidren's Rehab Services program, that ALL government assistance is a lie and a way of subsidizing the dairy, grain, and pharmaceutical companies (Oh, and Planned Parenthood). Give to charities!
Let's hear it for cooperative health clinics (whom I sure get gov't assistance, but oh well). Forget about Medicaid.

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