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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin

So, have you heard all of the shocking news? Sarah Palin's daughter is pregnant. She is being responsible for her actions and giving birth to the baby. Drugging your daughter with horse hormones is not being a responsible parent. Driving her to an abortion clinic and having your grandbaby burned alive with saline solution inside your teenage daughter is not responsible. [And actually, assuming that she was not on the birth control pill is not even fair, either, b/c I know at least 5 people who have conceived children while on the birth control pill. And that's just people who were willing to "share."]

This is responsible: she is going to get married to the father of the baby and do her best to make it in this self-centered culture, that discriminates against women who choose to act like women. And you know what? I am willing to bet that she will do just fine! That is teaching responsibility! And, ahem, I thought it was called "freedom of choice?"

And what is the real problem here anyways? Teenagers becoming pregnant, which, is a natural course of events and the way human beings are so driven; or, a society that does not provide for these natural events and forces women to drug themselves until they reach the magical age of 44, then they abort their first 3 babies b/c of Down syndrome, and then decide that they'll go with a surrogate after their baby is carefully selected over their defective siblings in the embryonic stage of life?

We as a society have lost our jobs to across the sea and down south because we have chosen to abort and contracept our workforce to death. We have created a standard of living that is ridiculous and unmatched in the world. God bless grandbaby Palin! God bless Sarah Palin and her daughter and son-in-law to be.

Oh my, and her husband had a DUI when he was 22. Do a poll of 22 year olds. Ask them how many have NOT driven under the influence of some drug, legal or not. Again, what would the statistic be? Like 10 percent have NOT driven under the influence?

Ideally, the baby would have been conceived when they were married. However, he or she was not, but the Palin family will do their best to support their daughter and her child. That is the TRUE audacity of hope--seeing what some might call a "terrible" situation and choosing to see the hope of God in the matter. Christians know we fall to temptation all the time, but we seek God's love and mercy and forgiveness. We are forgiven, and then we move on, making penance for our sins and learning from these mistakes. Non-Christians just do not get that!

I am voting for Sarah Palin--not John McCain. These so-called "shocking" events are just more evidence that she is a normal mom, with normal concerns and needs, and she KNOWS what everyone else is going through. What is it with these sexist people that are saying Sarah needs to focus on her own family? What about her husband and their extended family? I thought we were an "equal" society?

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