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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Enough with DARWIN

I am an alumna of William and Mary. I just got the alumni magazine, with an artistic picture of the Pittsburgh coach who won the Super Bowl, Mike Tomlin. How nice. I eagerly read the article, wondering how on earth this could have happened, based on my experience with the football at William and Mary. Well, in fairness, I only saw a few games, and he graduated the year after I came. Anyways, the point is, they give this oh so cute pic on the magazine, drawing your attention to that, and carefully covering up the bombs that are inside the magazine. Oh, our school produced a Super Bowl winning coach. La, la, la, la, la. It is a laudable achievement, but it covers up something far more sinister.

Read the articles inside. TWO articles, from my quick read I had last night, extolling the wonders of evolutionary biology and providing not so subtle slams of religion and intelligent design. Was there any fair representation of intelligent design or creationism? Of course not! Unless they had a paragraph buried in the class of 1923 or something. This from the College whose previous president was forced to resign because of his desire to remove the cross from the Wren Chapel.

Thank you, Lord, for Ben Stein! Watch the movie if you don't know what I am talking about. Am I sending any money William and Mary's way? NO WAY. And neither should you! A school whose original intent was to raise souls to Christ has come to this!


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