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This blog was started by Mary. I am a Roman Catholic wife and mother, interested in applying my faith to every aspect of my life and to the world around me. I try not to be a "Sunday-only" Catholic. However, I am still working out my faith with fear and trembling.

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Roman Catholic homeschooling wife and mother working out her salvation with fear and trembling

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle is a faithful Catholic, who cared for her mother til she died at age 91. She also happens to be an incredibly gifted singer, who happened to be selected by "Britain's Got Talent," two years after her mother died. It was her mother's desire for the world to know her daughter's talent. Why is no one remarking on her mother's intercession? Instead, they see the care of the mother as interfering with Susan's rise to stardom, as opposed to the truth, which I believe to be that it is because of her mother's prayers before the Throne of Grace which has allowed her to reach this point. Mrs. Boyle, please intercede for us all. Amen.

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