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This blog was started by Mary. I am a Roman Catholic wife and mother, interested in applying my faith to every aspect of my life and to the world around me. I try not to be a "Sunday-only" Catholic. However, I am still working out my faith with fear and trembling.

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Roman Catholic homeschooling wife and mother working out her salvation with fear and trembling

Monday, December 07, 2009

Mr. Monk and Trudy (spoiler if you have not seen the last episode)

So, it ends with quite a tale from beyond the grave, so to speak. Trudy had had an affair with her law professor, and she ended up conceiving a baby as a result. That was why he had her killed, because he feared her story ruining his chances at the bench. This baby would go on to become Adrian's source of healing and life, thanks to his late wife's ability to say yes to life, even in an incredibly difficult situation. Trudy died, thinking that her baby had died, but the midwife had kidnapped her and put the baby up for adoption. She said in the video how glad she was, however, to have had the child for the time she had her, in her womb and for 9 minutes after. I don't know if they intended for it to be such a pro-life theme, but wow. Thanks, Tony Shaloub.


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