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Thursday, January 31, 2008


We are on the program known as "WIC" (notice the government does not care about the nutritional health of men--wonder why families break up?). This program, near as I can tell, is soley for the health of the dairy and grain industries. Why can't the government trust people to use their money on nutritional foods for their families? Talk about freedom of choice--HA! We all know that is a lie! Women can "choose" to abort their babies or poison their bodies and the environment with birth control pills, but we are not allowed to choose whether we drink soy, rice, or almond milk. The government pays for family planning "of your choice" but you can't choose what foods to buy them once they manage to make their way into the world. They encourage women to breastfeed by letting them have tuna fish and carrots. Yippee! Tuna fish and carrots, all right!
My daughter has allergies, and I asked each time I went to the "health" (read: how to keep the poor vermin from screwing up the rich people's lives) department for WIC, I was told there were no alternatives. Hmph, I said. So much for a nutritional program. Who is more at risk nutritionally? A child who can eat "whatever" or a child who has allergies? Duh! So, I called the state office of WIC, and I immediately got to talk to someone (try calling your local WIC office--you stay with the phone ringing for about, oh, 3 hours before you give up). She told me there was an alternative--SOY. Ah ha! Gotta talk to the people at the top, apparently. Problem is, my daughter doesn't handle soy well either. Rice milk, people!
Can we please end government subsidized programs, please? I have learned, with the clear distinct exception of the Chidren's Rehab Services program, that ALL government assistance is a lie and a way of subsidizing the dairy, grain, and pharmaceutical companies (Oh, and Planned Parenthood). Give to charities!
Let's hear it for cooperative health clinics (whom I sure get gov't assistance, but oh well). Forget about Medicaid.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hold Me

My two year old has been very clingy lately. "Hold me!" he keeps exclaiming. He is so adorable. I love him so much, and I know from reading so many blogs, books, articles, etc., that I have to hold him even if it means the house is falling to pieces around me. [Well, actually, it stays together better when I hold him, as he is usually the source of destruction. ;-)] At any rate, let's hear it for the Terrific Two's! What a cutie patootie!

Obama and Hillary

They frighten me. They were campaigning today here in Columbia. If they came anywhere close to my kids, I would have grabbed my kids and ran. Ok, call me "weird," but I do not trust anyone who is rabidly pro-abortion within five yards of my kids. Anyone who spends their time and money arguing against a bill to save a kid's life who is born-alive, who in other words wants to give the "ok" to snuff the kid out in the soiled linens' closet of the clinic/hospital has to be possessed.
It really is enough to make me cry. I don't understand how any of us can stomach it.
Oh, women's rights. Yeah, right. You have the right to have an unsupervised so-called doctor chop and burn your kid to bits inside you so you can go work a miserable job. Then after that happens, they will give you chemicals to ingest to keep your womanly parts from functioning properly so some man can take advantage of you, and so you can develop blood clots and mood disorders, and have more chemical abortions. Yippee. Women have come so far, haven't we? I feel so liberated by these ideas. NOT.

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Monday, January 21, 2008


I am depressed. Well, not exactly, but please don't tell me Hill's going to be president b/c we're splitting in 3 here in the Republican party. Please make Mike Huckabee president and if not that, then at least vice president? ARGH. I don't trust Romney or McCain. Not at all. I wish we could all worry more about our souls and less about everything else! (Myself included.)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

'Arry Potter doesn't listen to authority

Ok, Harry has a problem with authority. When you find out half of your teachers are working for the most evil wizard in the world, your parents are dead, and you are living with abusive relatives, you can find yourself having some trouble with authority. Oh, Harry, teaching our kids to be brats, sneaky, etc. But who, pray tell, is really teaching that? Us?
Harry knows he has trouble from lack of parents. He greatly misses them and the guidance he KNOWS they would have provided. How many kids are missing their parents today, either from death, war, divorce, working long days and nights, etc.? How many kids are forced to act like little adults before they should be? And, on the other hand, how many adolescents are coddled instead of being properly prepared to be adults?
How many kids are missing because of the selfishness of their parents? Uhoh. Yep, contraceptives. Let's see, the biggest brat in the whole book has parents who are completely evil, coddle him, and obsess over him b/c they implicitly used contraceptives to keep him as their only child. Draco Malfoy.
Ok, ahem, speaking of neglecting children, the 7 month old is implorin gme with her big brown eyes to hurry up and change her diaper!
Nuff for now.

Harry Potter's Pro-Life Message

Ok, I am a very busy person, but I did a brief search, and I couldn't come up with anything on this, so here goes nothing. Forget about Dumbledore is gay. If so, he is celibate, penitent, and self-sacrificing (ok, his death was kind of morally sketchy and definitely room for arguing over it, but again, she needs a better editor) Chapter 11 in the Deathly Hallows--VERY PRO-LIFE message. Anti in vitro fertilization. Anti selective abortion. Pro-father stick up for your wife message. And pro-homeschooling, too! What you say? How? Evil Harry Potter! Bah humbug. I think J.K.Rowling needs a better editor, personally, to go back and tie up some loose ends and put in a little more consistency, but I personally think Harry Potter is a great series, all things considered. She definitely needs help with plot and with endings. But you have to give her credit for chapter 11. It is marvelous, simply marvelous.
I made the mistake of giving this book back to my nephew before I had a chance to write this post. So forgive me if I don't quote things exactly. But even if you don't read anything else, look at that chapter.
Ok, so what has the evil Lord Voldemort done? He has BANNED homeschooling, something the "wizarding world" has always been supportive of. Whoa! All of the kids HAVE to go to Hogwarts so he can brainwash them.
Ok, that alone is kind of cool. Now we have the werewolf Lupin come on the scene. He has been a grump throughout the book, and they finally find out why. His wife, Tonks, is pregnant with their first child, and he is all depressed and worried about the baby having his same genetic disorder. He said he left to come help Harry. Well, evil old Harry Potter berates him for not sticking to his wife, tells him he should be rejoicing over their unborn baby, and tells him the most important thing he can do is go be with his wife and rejoice in their child. Even little feminist Hermione says that there can be found good in his genetic disorder and to embrace the chid. (Notice they don't refer to the child as a fetus or suggest they put some spell on the kid--nope, not at all.) Whoa. Now, pray tell what children's novel for this age group, Christian, secular, or other, would actually have a prolife chapter like this in it? A secular kid might actually read this and think, hey, maybe abortion is wrong! Hey, a real man stands by his wife in good times and in bad. And perhaps, more importantly, we must always stand up for what is right, correct each other when need be, even if it means our friend might not like us anymore. (Lupin was pretty irate,zapped Harry with his wand, but he got over it and saw Harry was right.)
So, Harry is certainly far from perfect, but this chapter alone makes it a worthwhile read. Harry is always cognizant of his mission in life--are we? Are we aware of the living hope that is in us? Could we face death like Harry did, if we had to? Would we be aware of the saints about us, giving us strength? My husband suggests thinking of Harry as a parable, and I think there may be some truth in that. So, no Harry is not for all, but I think we could all learn a lesson or two from the books.

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